The Great Teacher’s Questions

As you may have noticed, once I started doing the Groovy Tuesday videos and emails late last fall, I stopped blogging. I’ve not felt moved to write more than that small bit each week. It’s not like I was lying around eating bonbons, though that does sound nice.

I was asked to teach a Wednesday morning ladies Bible class during the spring, so I decided to also teach the same material on Monday nights with a different crowd. This was a wonderful experience for me, personally. When I give Him the lead, He makes paths I’d not have considered.

I deeply appreciate the group of ladies who participated in the classes. When I started teaching, the book was “published” in a basic form, but it was not really “finished”. Once we covered the material, I made several changes for increased clarity.

The first title was “The Teacher’s Questions”. The front cover consisted of a blackboard with the title and the phrase “Welcome to our 13-week Bible Study” with Jesus’ supposed signature below that, all written in chalk. In the foreground was a desk with a Bible. Atop the Bible was an apple. As my graphic design guru attempted to widen the chalkboard image to make the back cover, it created an amazing image of a cross. I felt like the effort was anointed. However, I wasn’t captivated by the cover, as I had been on previous books.

As I finished the book’s content, it gnawed on me to re-visit the cover. When I sat with one of the graphic team members, she told me that she didn’t understand the cover or the title. Come to find out, she had never seen a blackboard. What?! Her school classrooms had marker boards. At that point, I felt old, really old. She asked if this was a book for private school teachers. The back cover didn’t impress her, either. It was apparent that judging this book by its cover wasn’t going so well.

Obviously, we needed to create a new cover and title because the first one only made sense to me. We clarified the title, found the background image that took our breath away, and refined the back cover text. It was exciting to watch the transformation!

I’m about to lead a group study of the new and improved material via Facebook Live. If you’re interested, hop on over to Facebook and join the group, The Great Teacher’s Questions.

Speaking of transformation, that’s what this study has done for me. Diving into the questions Jesus asked inspires understanding, love and compassion. He used questions in an attempt to get through thick skulls. I believe He still is.