Ok, So Define “Crazy”

When I saw this quote and the colorful graphic, I had to laugh! Some of my favorite people to be around are those who live life out loud. They aren’t afraid to dance with the music and they aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves.

Sometimes, I take myself too seriously and I wonder what others are thinking about me. LOL! The joke’s on me because they probably aren’t thinking about me, at all!

Live! Have fun! Laugh!

We…okay, I… get bogged down in the details of life. The kids aren’t little forever. Our parents aren’t with us forever, nor are our spouses and friends. This isn’t said to make us sad, but remind us to be alive while we’re alive! Have fun, while there’s fun to be had! Make memories instead of buying a new car or a new diamond. The things that I cherish most are the times we laughed and cried together. That happens when you share life with no filters.

Don’t let life get in the way of living. Just remember who you are and Who’s you are. What matters most to you? Who matters most to you?


Then, go out and live that! Get crazy, within the limits of the law, and live out loud! Wear that tie-dyed shirt that makes your kids roll their eyes. (check) Make up new lyrics to an old song and sing it with gusto as you vacuum the carpets next Saturday morning. (check, check) Wear a wide-brim hat that is decorated with hanging beads just to make someone smile. (check)

A couple of years ago, Mr. B and I were working one of our Aflac accounts south of Midland, Texas. We passed by a roadside metal art business. There was an 8’ tall T Rex with half of a pink flamingo in each fist.

It took us a moment to digest what we were seeing, then we turned around and started taking pictures of it because it made us laugh. Mr B wanted to buy it and put it in our front yard. He then wanted to buy a bunch of plastic pink flamingos and place them as if they were running away from the dinosaur.


He hasn’t done it, but it still might. I think it would be borderline inappropriate, but certainly worth hours of laughs, as we could sit on the porch and watch peoples’ reactions as they drive by. Of course, there is an HOA in our neighborhood. Would they laugh? Maybe?

Why don’t we live out loud more often?

Are we afraid? Don’t be afraid to live out loud. There’s the saying, “In our family, we don’t suffer from being crazy. We enjoy it!”

Let others enjoy your own personal shade of crazy today. It looks maahvelous on you, daahling!