My New Accountability Partner

Over 300 of you have gotten a copy of my book in your hands in the last month. That is exciting! I have been overwhelmed by the Facebook comments, messages emails, texts and cards I have received each day from those who have been touched in some way by the message.

As I mentioned in the book, telling all these personal stories was intimidating. I’m thankful that printing the book held a purpose other than giving me some busy-work for a few months. From the feedback I’ve gotten, it has value to the reader. Whew!

As the comments have come in, it has become clear to me that the book is helping me, too. It has become my new Accountability Partner. I have to…I mean… I get to live up to the words I wrote in the book. I wrote them with a pure heart, but some days are tougher than others and sometimes I get a little moody and don’t want to expend the effort to smile and choose joy. Yep. Some days, I want to clear off a spot and …not be so nice.

But, then I feel this gentle tap on my shoulder and these words fall on my ears, “It’s all about love with some mercy and grace thrown in.”

So, I smile and remember that what matters is the state of my heart and that my message needs to be consistent. If I believe that God is in control, then I can’t let the world send me into a tail spin over a bad day at work, earthquakes, politics or what we’re going to have for supper.

(Hey, it’s Hatch green chili season, so maybe we can have something like green chili chicken lasagna or naked chili rellenos! I love me some green chili.)

All these things and circumstances are just a part of the big picture and none of them define me. (In the case of the lasagna, however, it does define how much longer I need to extend my workout sessions. Ugh, pushups and tricep dips!)

Anyway, back to my newest Accountability Partner. There’s nothing like having the whole world looking over my shoulder to see if I walk my talk. If I thought I needed the Spirit to guide me before, I need Him even more now. My sister-in-law’s frequent quote comes to mind, “Lord, please put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.”

Preach it, sister!

Some of you have heard me speak about becoming “more”. When we’re around those who make us “less”, by their attitude, actions or words, we would be wise to make a change. We can make sure we’re surrounded by those who make us want to improve and not settle for anything but our best effort.

Kinda like an Accountability Partner. Enough said.