Mud, Caulk and Paint

Ah, memories. I can recall when I used to find it relaxing to start a little home improvement project. 

I married a guy who can fix anything. No, really. He enjoys a challenge, whether it involves an automobile, electrical, plumbing, or construction, so we’ve often taken on remodeling projects. Our friends just shake their heads because they know. They know.

I don’t mind painting, mainly because I am a perfectionist and will make sure it looks magnificent. Mr. B doesn’t care to paint, so he isn’t…how shall I put this delicately…particularly good at it. It drives me nuts, so I say, “I’ll do it.” He likes to prep and clean-up, though, so I figure we make a great team, because I am…how shall I put this delicately…not particularly good at it.

After one especially rough remodel project, I declared, “I’m done painting. You’ll need to hire someone to do it next time.” I may have flippantly thrown in an, “I’m never doing this again.”

(Stop laughing.)

Last summer, we bought an investment property. Our thinking? “All we need to do is paint.” Yes, I was the one who said that. (Stop laughing.)

Oh, yeah…just paint. Never mind that to paint, you usually have to clean, caulk, patch holes, prep and clean up. There are ladders, drop cloths, caulk guns, brushes, cans, rags, scrapers, mud (joint compound), putty knives and painters tape. Nothing to it.


Two good things about these projects – they improve my prayer life and they are good exercise. There’s lots of stretching, bending, lifting, plus a decent amount of cardio.

Once again, I was up to my ears in mud, caulk and paint. Once again, promising myself that this was the last time. But was it?

We’ll see.