Go! Do! Be!

I don’t count myself as an avid television viewer, but maybe I am. To my credit, I am discretionary in that I usually spend (or more accurately, waste) time watching comedy shows. Other times, Mr. B and I watch crime shows that involve an autopsy. I particularly enjoy those while we’re eating supper in our recliners. Not.

Sometimes, there is a tidbit of wisdom on the show and I’ll jot down the quote to use later. Such is the case today. Lucky you!

Tim Allen plays Mike Baxter, snarky marketing guru for Outdoor Man, on “Last Man Standing.” He’s the wise-cracking dad of three grown daughters. In one particular episode, one of his daughters asks him to make a presentation for her university group. The committee overseeing the presentation gives him a list of things he can and cannot say – all of it revolving around political correctness. The committee butchers the speech he has prepared, so Mike immediately decides that he is not playing their games. He takes his daughter to the location of his first job. It was in a restaurant that was run by a first generation immigrant family who lived the American Dream of making something from nothing with plenty of hard work and determination.

He admonishes his daughter, “Maybe we should worry less about who we might offend and care more about who we might inspire.”

Oh, yeah. That’s some good stuff!

That gives me pause and encourages me to take the high road at every possible opportunity and to choose my words wisely. I’m in no way advocating that we say everything we’re thinking. Heaven forbid! But, in the past year, I’ve seen intolerance on a grand scale thanks to social media. In recent weeks, I’ve seen that put aside which has been encouraging.

I live on the flat plains of West Texas, so I didn’t need to be rescued from flood waters, but if I had, I wouldn’t have cared who rescued me. I wouldn’t have cared who you voted for, where you went to the bathroom, who you loved, or where you went to church. I would just have been grateful that you chose to come get me.

One thing that has been brought to my attention – all the rescued folks were taken to a shelter. It didn’t matter whether you were rescued from a shack or a mansion; you were taken to the same shelter and given the basic necessities. It’s been heartening to watch all kinds of folks rush in to help either with money or muscle. Who knew we could truly care for our fellow man even if we’re different and maybe disagree?

So, back to our quote of the day, “Maybe we should worry less about who we might offend and care more about who we might inspire.”

Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. Can we be the source of inspiration for others with a kind word or a can-do attitude? Let’s suit up and show up today for someone, anyone, who needs inspiration. Go! Do! Be!

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Go! Do! Be!

Have a groovy Friday, folks.