Facing My Giants

I like old television shows and sports, as you can tell from the past couple of blogs. I also like old movies. I tend to gravitate toward the ones where the guy gets the girl after much flirting and romance, especially if there are lots of laughs along the way.

In 2006, “Facing the Giants” came along and it holds my very favorite movie scene of all time, but it’s not about the guy getting the girl in the way you might think. In this movie, God got Carrie. I’m not being flippant or sacrilegious. You see, God got Carrie’s attention and reminded her of a few things.

There is a “death crawl” scene that is readily available for viewing on YouTube and my Facebook wall. (Go to the Carrie Blair page and “Like” it to see the clip.) It was shown in our worship service this past Sunday and I reacted as I always do when I see it – my eyes start leaking that familiar salty liquid, my breath quickens and I begin to tremble.

Having never been a high school football player myself, I cannot imagine having to perform this physical feat. No, for me it’s different. I can imagine God/Jesus/Holy Spirit on the ground beside me as I struggle through my trials, urging me to not give up, to not quit, to keep moving until I have nothing left. He says, “I know it hurts, but keep going! You’re almost there! Give me your very best!”

Folks, I know it hurts. I know you want to quit. Don’t.

I’ve got more in me than I’m giving. I’m a disciple of Christ and others are watching me. If I act hopeless, others will not see the one true God in all His power and glory. My actions could dilute my influence or my God-given gifts.

It’s a challenge. Life is full of challenges.

The first time I saw the movie, I had just left my career in the cell phone world. There was a great deal of debt from that endeavor and much uncertainty about how it could ever be paid. I was guilt-ridden over choices I’d made that hurt others. I was ready for Jesus to come take me Home. I wasn’t suicidal, just so very sad, disappointed and weary.

The incredible message of this movie reminded me that it isn’t over till I’ve spent my last bit of effort to finish the race before me. It served as a tool to help me face my giants – giant debt, giant disappointment, giant doubt.

What are your giants?

Don’t give up. When you want to quit, don’t. The next step you take will get you one step closer to being past the obstacle in front of you. We were created to overcome, not to be overcome. Suit up. Show up. Step up.

…and trust that if you ask for His help, you’ll get it. He can give strength to your body and to your mind. I’m reminded of a young David with a slingshot and three little stones facing his giant. The crowd was full of bullies, cowards and quitters, but David stepped forward in faith and he wasn’t disappointed.

So, as for that 140…oh, yeah…160 pound….load of care on your back? It may slow you down, but it doesn’t have to stop you. Pick up your slingshot and three stones of faith then go for it!