A Pair of Red Boots

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that you just loved? Why did you love them? Were they comfortable or particularly nice looking or did they make you feel like a million bucks?

A few weeks ago, I searched high and low for a pair of boots to compliment the dress I was wearing to our son’s wedding. I wanted something that spoke of my complete joy as well as my desire to kick up my heels a bit. (I know, that is completely out of character for me.)

After going to every western wear store in Lubbock, I found these boots. The moment I tried on these beautiful leather boots, I knew they were “the ones” because they fit perfectly. They are bold and they are sassy. I’m sure Dorothy couldn’t have been happier in her red-sequined slippers than I am when I slip on these little gems.

The lesson for me is this: buy the brightly-colored shoes and then wear them. The red ones didn’t cost any more than the brown ones, but man oh man, do I feel different when I’m wearing red than when I’m wearing brown!

I also have a pair of royal blue sandals with sequins that I feel the same way about. I just love them! I tell folks that they are one of the rare pair of shoes that can actually talk. Yes, they called my name from across the store. I tried them on and decided that, although they fit well and were gorgeous, I probably shouldn’t buy a pair of sandals that wouldn’t go with many outfits. They weren’t practical. I walked away from them twice before going back and picking up the box, then heading to the checkout counter. Sometimes, you just need the pretty shoes.

Life is hectic and I find myself settling for the most useful option. God created the rainbow of colors, so why do I limit myself? Why do I settle?

But, the red boots. Yes, the red boots. They symbolize a little personality, a little pizzazz, a little daredevil in my spirit. Yee haw!

I danced with my son and my husband. I also danced with my friends who felt free-spirited enough to enjoy the music and the moment. We were there to celebrate our son marrying the girl of his dreams. He’s never looked happier and that is thrilling for me. So, yes, it was definitely a red-letter…and a red pair of boots…kind of day.

Coincidentally, she is the girl of my dreams, too. When you spend a lifetime praying for the future spouse of your child, it is humbling to have those prayers answered in such a spectacular way. This is the third of our children to marry and each one of the in-loves is just such a blessing. I’m thankful!

So, all this to say, next time you have the chance, get the flashy shoes. Wear them. Dance! Laugh! Love! Live!