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Show love, extend grace, and give courage with a groovy attitude.

– Mission Statement

About Carrie Blair

Carrie is an entrepreneur. Inspired by an ad in the back of her Archie comic book, she started in door-to-door Christmas card sales when she was in 5th grade so she could earn a watch pendant. She was a manager with Tupperware for three years before she began her telecom career in 1988. She was a Sales Manager with Liberty Cellularphone Network and CellularOne before she and her husband, Stephen, decided to open their own business, B Wireless, offering both cellular phones and satellite television beginning in 1996. They owned and operated stores in Lubbock, Hobbs, Midland, Levelland, Plainview, Floydada and Amarillo. They sold that business to change careers in 2008, joining Aflac, where Carrie was a District Sales Coordinator who enjoyed training and motivating her team. She served as the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorder Center Ambassador for five years and has helped raised thousands of dollars for children’s cancer research.

Carrie and Stephen live in Lubbock, Texas, and have been married for 36 years. They have grown children who are conscientious members of society and grandchildren that they refer to as “better than AIR!” They love to travel, snorkel and jet ski. A favorite pastime is playing card or domino games with family and friends..

Carrie has been sharing her stories for over 30 years with a goal of inspiring people to be all that they can be in their personal and professional lives. She hopes that when her stories are shared, others will realize that they are not alone in their struggles, that joy can be found in the strangest places and that they are loved.

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Carrie is a student of The Word, having prepared and presented lessons for all ages since 1984. Using stories of personal struggles, she finds answers in the Bible and uses them to inspire others to be like Jesus. She has been the featured speaker at Ladies events in Texas, New Mexico and California.



Carrie has been a business owner and team leader for over 30 years. She has recruited and trained individuals to become successful team members and future leaders. She has received many awards for exceeding performance goals.


It’s All About Love

“It’s All About Love” was the lesson learned. Carrie shares the funny, the heartbreaking and the sobering moments that have made hers a colorful life. She eventually decided to let go of the anger and fear that threatened her joy.

Her mission to show love, extend grace, and give courage with a groovy attitude seems to help when the storm clouds roll in with a thunderous rumble. She prefers the blue skies, but who doesn’t?

Some days, we feel like the clouds in our lives are just too much to bear. However, when the light of love shining within us bursts outward like so many glorious sunbeams, a spectacular beauty is revealed…all because of the clouds.

So, instead of cussing the clouds, hop on in and ride with us on One Groovy Chick’s Journey to Grace!

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Carrie Blair Testimonials

Carrie, you are one of the most motivational, easy to listen to speakers I have ever heard. I will never forget the talk that you gave about your son leaving to go overseas, I believe, in the military. The line I remember you sharing is when (you were at peace because you knew) he was either coming home or going Home. What a message! Thank you for always sharing and inspiring your audience.

– Jill Lunsford Crandall (06/2016)

You are truly an inspiration! Your giant, accepting, loving, forgiving and emotional heart – well I don’t know how it fits inside your chest! You are such a true servant of God and I am blessed andhumbled to be called your friend. You were AWESOME today!! Thanks for the heart check! I love you!

– Jane Pierce (10/24/15)

Carrie Blair Book Reviews

“I must share!!! One of my friends and colleagues, Carrie Goheen Blair, has just released her first book, it is an amazing book of life with a purpose! We purchased one at her book launch yesterday. As soon as we got home, I started reading, thinking I’ll read a chapter or two… 1:00 am I had finished reading it in its entirety…..I simply couldn’t put it down!”

– Jo Nell King

I started reading a book my friend and Higher Ground sister wrote. Carrie, I am loving it! It is called “It’s ALL about LOVE, One Groovy Chick’s Journey to Grace.” My favorite line so far is “True love shows itself when we want more for that other person than we want for ourselves.”

– Katie Pearson


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